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Why use our services

Why use our services

Hire A Tax Professional
“Turbo Tax users”

How long does that take you? If you spend $75 on the program and it takes two hours, then how much has it cost you? What is your time worth?

Wouldn’t you rather pay another $50-$100 or so and not spend the better part of an evening going through the pain of doing your taxes?

“H&R Block/Jackson Hewitt/Liberty Tax Service users”
We have a number of clients who have used a franchise firm. Now they spend less money to have their taxes prepared by a tax advisor who is available all year long. We often find deductions that are missed by the seasonal preparers who work at national firms.

We are better and less expensive than the franchises, also. We don’t need to overcharge you, since we don’t pay franchise fees or run ads on television.

Who would you rather have prepare your taxes, someone with 8-12 weeks of training or a professional tax advisor?

“Big CPA (or some other non-franchise firm) users”
How satisfied are you with the service and price? Some of our clients were paying over $1,000 to have their taxes done. While the returns were complex, we couldn’t justify charging the prices they had been paying. Our focus is on establishing long-term relationships, and that begins with good tax service at fair prices.

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