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Individual and Business Tax Services

Authorized IRS e-file Provider
We offer a full range of tax preparation services, for both individuals and businesses. We will take all the stress and hassle out of filing and navigating the increasingly complex tax laws. Using our services, you can be assured that you will get the best tax position for your circumstances.

Individual Tax Returns.
From the simplest to most complex tax returns, we can help make filing your taxes as painless as possible. Our individual tax return services cover the full range of returns, from 1040EZ, 1040A and 1040 to 1040NR for non-residents. Our individual tax preparation fees start at $125.

We will undertake a comprehensive interview with you to make sure that you get all the deductions and credits you are entitled to and correctly report your income. E-Filing allows you to receive any tax refunds as fast as possible. We are also open all year to assist you with any tax questions you may have.

Business Tax Returns .
Our business tax return services complement the accounting services we offer so that we can efficiently and effectively prepare your business tax returns. If we do not prepare your accounting records, we are also able to assist you with your business returns. The business returns we prepare include:

  •  Partnership Returns - Forms 1065
  •  Corporate Returns - Forms 1120
  •  Sales Tax Returns - Forms 1120S
  •  Payroll Returns - Sales Tax Returns

Sales Tax.
Certain States and Jurisdiction have adopted laws that require that a vendor must collect sales tax from the customer when collecting the selling price of any taxable item or service.

We will prepare your sales/use/excise tax returns on an annual or quarterly basis, based on the sales and related data you provide us, or from your financials (if you are a bookkeeping services client).